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May - Aug 2019

Tencent QQ is an instant messaging software service initiated in 1999 and now it is the world’s 5th most visited application based on Alexa. At the end of June 2019, there were over 800 million monthly active users. QQ VIP is a value-added service to provide a high-level personalized experience for QQ users. QQ Dressing is one of the VIP services that allow users to individualize the appearances on the app. The QQ Dressing Shopping Website is the place where they can purchase and switch dressing equipment.

The design of the website remained unchanged for years. The outdated user experience resulted in a dramatic drop in VIP activity rates. Therefore, I redesigned eight product features and increased the VIP enrollment rate by 34%, dressing item setting rate by 136%, shopping pages entrance rate by 31%, and banner clicking rate by 56%.


I took charge of eight features in total and primarily concentrated on three of them: Dressing Detail Page(装扮详情页), My Dressing Storage(我的装扮), and Shopping Search Engine(搜索).

Assisting by product managers, I mapped the improved architecture. Blue tags show all the pages I was responsible for and they can be concluded into eight features.


Dressing Detail Page (装扮详情页) shows all details and available options for a single dressing equipment.

My Dressing Storage (我的装扮) allows users to check their current dressing and history dressing.

Shopping Search Engine (搜索) allows users to find their desired dressing items faster.

Beginner’s Guide (新手引导) helps new users to familiarize with all types of dressing equipment and their usage.

Message Notification Personalization (未读消息提醒个性化) allows users to customize unread message bubbles.

Dressing Sharing (个性装扮分享优化) allows users to share dressing equipment with others.

WeChat Chat Bubbles (微信聊天气泡) allows users to use QQ Chat Bubbles in WeChat (another social media developed by Tencent).

QQfamily IP Home (企鹅联盟IP站) is a sub mall that collects all dressing items, comics, and videos about QQfamily


The right diagram shows one of the major ways on how users can trigger the dressing detail page and use a popular type of dressing equipment — Chat Bubble(气泡) — as an example.

Dressing detail page displays a single selected dressing equipment in full size and shows all relevant information and options, which is similar to product design page at shopping website.


All Types of Dressing Equipment


  • App Theme (主题)

  • Chat Bubbles (气泡)

  • Chat Font (字体)

  • Chat Background (背景)

  • Profile Card (名片)

  • Profile Floater (浮萍)

  • Avatar (头像)

  • Avatar Decoration (挂件)

  • Calling Interface (来电)

  • About Section (签名)

  • Red Envelop (红包)

  • Meme (表情)

  • Like (点赞)

  • Group Chat Entrance Animation (进群特效)

  • Set (套装)

There are 15 different types of dressing equipment in total and each type has a “My Dressing Storage” page attached to the sub mall for this type of dressing equipment.


Currently, six types of dressing equipment lacked the design of my dressing storage page and the designs of existing my dressing storage pages were unorganized and inconsistent.


The right diagram shows the old version of the product list page (aka sub mall), dressing detail page, and my dressing storage page, and uses a popular type of dressing equipment — Chat Bubble(气泡) — as an example.

The displays of dressing equipment were inconsistent among the product list page, dressing detail page, and my dressing storage page, making users feel chaotic and confused.


The new design aimed to make all displays of dressing equipment more consistent and provided more information and options for users to manage dressing items.

Old Version
My Redesign
Old Version

The usage rate of the search engine was low for last few years because users found it difficulty to locate their desired items in a short time. I brought forward six ideas to improve the experience.


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